AOP Webinar: The Long COVID Syndrome – what’s new?

The Association of Physicians of GB and Ireland is holding a webinar “The Long COVID Syndrome – what’s new? on the 23rd of February, from 17:00 -18:00.

The Long-COVID Syndrome represents a significant emotional and financial burden to patients, their families and society.

What is the aim of this webinar?
This webinar will update where we are regarding Long COVID and where we need to be therapeutically.

We are just beginning to understand the constellation of symptoms caused by Long Covid and beginning to understand the biological pathways underlying these disabling symptoms.

Better stratification of the defined abnormal biological pathways for patient groups is needed, which then allows targeted clinical trials, which gives us the best chance of accelerating healing

Who is this webinar for?
For healthcare workers dealing with patients with Long Covid syndrome and for the patients and their families

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