The COVIRNA Final Conference on the 19th of April in Brussels

On the 19th of April for the COVIRNA Final Conference is taking place in Brussels. Join it to learn more about what is needed for the product development of the COVIRNA toolkit and how it can be exploited for long-COVID or other (communicable) diseases.

🔗 info and registration: Join our final conference ‘Improving personalised care and patient outcomes through molecular diagnostics and therapy’ – COVIRNA

💡 Molecular diagnostics and therapy have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by offering personalised patient care, improved outcomes, and better disease management.
🏥 Therapy tailored to a patient’s individual needs can help to reduce the risk of adverse effects.
To this end, the CE-marked personalised diagnostic tool was developed, during the COVIRNA Project.
📈 It allows the risk stratification of patients who will most likely be subject to fatal cardiovascular complications due to their COVID-19 infection.
💪 After 30 months of collaboration across various organisations, the COVIRNA consortium is excited to share the learnings, intending to facilitate the roll-out of the RNA-based molecular research methodology in personalised diagnosis and therapy and the product development of the COVIRNA toolkit.